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Sandals can't provide ample arch support?
Not necessarily!
You can absolutely find a pair that's great for your feet, cushioned and comfy, and even doctor-approved!

We are honored to see @Reader's Digest name Arch Rebound as one of 20 Best Sandals for Women in 2021.

Check out what the magazine had to say about FitVille Arch Rebound at the link below.

20 Best Sandals for Women 2021 | Sandals for Comfort, Support, Style (rd.com)

Dr. Spielfogel says

“Supportive sandals will also make standing for long periods of time a bit more tolerable.”

That makes FitVille Arch Rebound one of the best sandals for walking.

  • Excellent arch support
  • Upper Velcro straps
  • Smooth suede footbed lining
  • Anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed

They’ll also keep your arches and heels out of harm’s way, thanks to even weight distribution and a slight platform.

Say goodbye to blisters and foot pain with FitVille Arch Rebound!

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