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New - Wide/Extra Wide Shoes for Women

Tired of the discomfort from tight-fitting shoes? FitVille hears you! We're dedicated to meeting women's needs for wide and extra-wide shoes, offering a versatile range for every occasion. From charming baby blue tennis shoes to thick-soled walking shoes for heel strikers, from practical work shoes to dependable hiking shoes, we ensure pain-free comfort for standing and walking all day. Battling bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, or plantar fasciitis? Our shoes are designed to promote healthy blood circulation, aiding your body's natural recovery. The secret lies in our patented sole technology, offering exceptional cushioning and comfort. The high-performance EVA sole is smartly engineered with varying densities and hardness in the sole and forefoot, plus an ideal heel-to-toe drop, especially beneficial for those already suffering from heel pain and imbalanced gait. Our ErgoFit™ Technology adapts to your feet's contours, providing a blissfully pain-free walk by easing pressure points. Trust us, your feet are in good hands with FitVille. So, go ahead and pick your favorite color and style – comfort is guaranteed in every pair!