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New - Wide & Extra Wide Shoes for Men

At FitVille, we understand the challenge of finding shoes for wide and large feet. Tight shoes aren't just uncomfortable, they can actually lead to various foot problems like ingrown toenails, Morton's neuroma, corns, and calluses, and can make conditions like bunions and hammertoes worse. If you're facing these issues, consider trying shoes in Wide, Extra Wide, or Extra Extra Wide sizes for better comfort and relief. Our range includes men's shoes in wide and extra-wide sizes, from stylish dress shoes to wide foot work boots, and comfortable walking shoes, available in 2E and 4E widths and up to size US 15. Each pair features a foot-shaped toe box for natural toe spread and an ergonomic sole that contours your feet, enhanced with high-rebound arch support. They're spacious enough for custom insoles, addressing unique foot needs. Seeking 6E width? Explore our specialized 6E shoe collection. FitVille is committed to ensuring every step is a step in comfort, designed with wide feet in mind.