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  • Flat Feet

  • Neuropathy

  • Diabetes

  • Wide, Extra Wide and 6E Wide Toe Box

  • Standing All Day Long

  • Bunions

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Hammer Toes

  • Lymphedema

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Foot Injury

  • Heel Spurs

  • Back and Knee Pain

Flat Feet

I have bilateral medical foot problems. This will be a very long review with lots of details. Firstly, I am very picky and have to be with my foot wear. I wear custom orthotics in my tennis shoes. I have very flat feet. Left foot is fused and has been reconstructed with metal hardware near my arch area. My right foot, is very flat too. Although not in such bad condition, I have had a reconstructed Achilles Tendon that was totally ruptured in my right foot.

I have to be very picky with the shoes that I wear. I require maximum support, rigid soles, wide toe box because I now suffer from surgical related neuropathy in my feet and toes due to nerve damage from multiple surgeries that I've had on my feet.

I normally only wear another very well known brand of shoes that has always been everything for my feet. Until recently, I wanted to try and venture out and discover the possibility of more options. I have been noticing that alot of shoe brands are going to mess sided athletic shoes. While these are nice for your average person because they are lighter and more breathable, for someone with my type of foot problems, the fully mesh sided athletic shoe does not give enough sidewall support for my feet. I find that too much mesh makes my feet slide over the sides of the shoes and doesn't keep my foot stable enough, even with my custom orthotics. I looked at these shoes for a few months. Kept reading reviews and watching videos. Finally they went on sale. I couldn't beat the sale price to atleast give them a try. So I did and I DO NOT REGRET my purchase!

I love these shoes. Not only do they look nice but most importantly, they feel so good on my feet. They are everything my special feet need. Supportive, wide toe box, rigid sole (not all that foamy, super soft, squish, flat out when you walk stuff). These shoes are great! I didn't have a break in period for them. My custom orthotics fit perfectly inside them. I did remove the insole that came in the shoes. Size runs normal. I wear an 11w in an athletic shoe and I purchased an 11w. They fit perfect. I was concerned about the size because so many people have said they run big and super wide. I did not find this to be my case. Maybe because I have custom orthotics and most of the time when dealing with custom orthotics, most will need a wider shoe to allow for the orthotics to fit properly inside. Anyway...the shoes are a bit heavier than I am used to but that is to be expected when you aren't dealing with a 100% mesh sided shoe and one that provides quality support and rigid soles. They do look a little more chunky than a traditional thin sided athletic shoe but again, when you are not looking for a soft sided shoe, you will have a more chunky looking shoe. However, they aren't so chunky that I look like an Ogre or Hobbit when wearing them. They are nice looking, well made shoe. Lookwise, they remind me alot of another well known brand of shoes that has two intials on there shoes.

I walk daily, i jog sometimes, i am active and these shoes have been great on my feet. No complaints. My heels feel stable in them. The ankles area where the tongue of the shoes are do not bother my fused left foot. Some shoes really irritate my left foot near my ankle because of my fusion. These do not and I believe it is because they are well cushioned on the tongue. I'd definitely recommend these shoes to anyone who has similar needs as I have or if you have other foot issues like plantar fasciitis, or neuropathy. These shoes are supportive, very cozy, plenty of room in toe box without being too much. Try them like I did..I don't think you will be disappointed. I LOVE THESE SHOES. Will buy more when they go back on sale. I do wish there were many more color options available.

-- Erin G


I like the Rebound Core sneakers. I have neuropathy and my feet hurt all the time, no matter what I wear. I’m still breaking these in and will be ordering a second pair. I’ve been able to wear them for a full 8 hours which is really long, for me.

-- Vanessa Taggart

These shoes are very comfortable I have neropathy as well as fibromyalgia so finding shoes that works for me.Fitville is the only shoes that don't hurt when I wear them.

-- Gayle


Two years after both knees were replaced, I was still having problems. I realized my severe pronation, affecting both feet, was contributing to my difficulties. The remedy included new orthotics AND all new footwear; a costly proposition. I'm also a type 2 diabetic with a wide foot. While searching for more cost efective solutions to my footwear dilemma, I found Fitville on the net. There is always a bit of anxiety when purchasing an unknown item online. I need not have worried. I am extremely pleased with the service, quality, and fit, especially for the price. After purchasing my shoes, I found many reviews, describing how the Rebound Core compared well against a similar model Hoki, the brand recommended to me. I will be a repeat customer.

-- Donna O'Neil

Wide, Extra Wide and 6E Wide Toe Box

I've bought a total of three pairs of these Fitville shoes in extra wide And I am so pleased with the comfort and fit. There may be many other shoes out there that would work, but they're far too expensive for me to even try. My feet have splayed as I've gotten older I think she just gives me plenty of room with proper support.

-- Pamela Cowan

It is hard to find shoes that are wide enough for my feet, but the search was over when I found this company. I ordered 2 different pairs and they fit great. Thanks!

-- Lavona Fancil

As a female with naturally wide feet, it has been a struggle to find wide width running shoes. I recently purchased the rebound core shoe for my outdoor exercise camp. They are comfortable and give excellent arch support.
My toes and feet are happy to have room to spread as I run.

-- Lesa Reitz

Standing All Day Long

Shoes are great for walking and standing 8 hours at Wal-Mart. Love them.

-- Grace Cortez

I work sometimes 12 to 15 hour shift my feet hurt so bad sometimes it hurts to walk. . I got these shoes and the first day I could feel the difference. Love these shoes. Will be buying more for sure. Thank you fitville

-- Tami Sarniak

I stand on concrete at work 8 hours a day. They feel like walking on a cloud. I also have arthritis in both knees. It really helps my knees not hurt at night. I am 68 yrs old.

-- Claire Sink

It's been a long time since I've had shoes that actually fit and felt good and comfortable. I work on my feet all night long and if my feet hurt I hurt all over. I could tell a difference when I first put them on. They relieved so much pain it's even easier to bend over and pick something up off the floor. I never knew shoes can make such a difference.

-- Beverly Nanney

Love these shoes. I had back surgery and to find a pair of. Shoe that lessons my back pain is hard but these shoes have helped me so much as I work in a factory on concrete for 8 hours.

-- Lynnette Bickell

They fit perfectly. I wear them at work all day long and on my feet all day long. They are very comfortable.

-- Carrie Warren

I love these shoes, I have never found any kind of shoes that give me such relief at work. I have had 3 surgeries on my foot and now I finally found comfortable shoes to walk in . Definitely will buy more 😊👍🏻. The sizes are what I wear.

-- Pamela Yates


I like the extra wide toe box as i have been dealing with a bunion type thing on my little toe. I did have to put better inserts into the shoes. And the laces always come untied. But over all these are working out. Shipping took forever though.

-- Jeanie Warner

Plantar Fasciitis

I am very very happy with them. I have spent so much money on shoes for my plantar fasciitis problem. I realize getting wider shoes makes a big difference.

-- Katherine Blair

Struggled with foot pain tried finding the right shoe that would help and these fit the bill. My plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis are chronic which makes it difficult to find shoes sneakers that will provide stability and comfort. These sneakers where able to do that for me. Highly recommend them.

-- Yamilet Henry

I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a chiidas for 8 months. These shoes are supportive wide breathable allow my orthodox to fit comfortably and I love them!

-- JoAnne (Jody) Ireland

I really love these shoes I work in restaurant and they have the slip resistant so comfy I was having trouble with plantar fasciitis I spent over 500 dollars on shoes that did not help I ended up needing the wider box fit
I have ordered three pair already .I love them and I'm sure you will too ! Rebound core style !!!

-- Patricia Pavlosky

Hammer Toes

I have wide feet, high arches, and hammer toes. With all these afflictions finding a comfortable shoe is usually a comprimise for what hurts less. This is my firat time trying this shoe and just putting them on made my ankle feel better! These sneakers not only fit properly but also dont appear to be clunkers. I like how the soles act like a foundation for stability! Def recommended to others that have feet pain!

-- Erin


Love the fit. I have a bit of lymphedema in my legs so I need a wide sneaker. Got one size in men’s with a wider width and then another size in women’s with a smaller width. Both work. I wear a thicker sock with the men’s and that also helps with my arches. Will buy again. I am on my feet most of the time, behind the scenes at my retail job.

-- Leslie Michelle

Rheumatoid arthritis

Today I wore my new shoes and honestly my back did not hurt mid day my feet were not hurting or burning my hips did not hurt at the end of the day I’m very satisfied with the shoes I might have ordered a nine instead of a nine and a half but the only reason I ordered the larger size because when I wash them shoes tend to shrink so I can give you my honest answer but so far they are great I have RA with very pain leg and feet issues and I will order another pair if not two the shoes are awesome Thank you Marge ✅ also the numbness was so much better ….

-- Marge Daly

I have a wide feet. I have one foot that I have a lot of arthritis that causes me a lot of pain. I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. These where comfortable from the start.

-- Amy Forehand

Foot Injury

Five years ago I broke my left foot and I now have five pins and two screws holding my foot together! I haven’t been able to find a shoe comfortable enough to walk any distance in till now. I love these shoes.

-- Irene Gerstle

Love these shoes. I'm oneto hate new shoes .but these fit perfect right out of the box. I usually have pain in feet, lower back and knees as I am on my feet all day chasing kids. I haven't had any pain since wearing them!

-- Natasha Wall

Heel Spurs

I stand 6-8 hoursdaily for the last 40 years and now have developed heel spurs. I've tried other orthodic shoes for comfort and these by far are the best.
I'm definitely ordering another pair.

-- Julie Heinz-Schoenfelder

Back and Knee Pain

I’ve had 4 back surgeries- I’ve tried every brand of high priced shoes that claim to be beneficial for my back…but fitville SHOCKED me! I had a new pair of “on cloud” the newest “it shoe” and the on cloud can’t compare to the comfort of my fitville!! I will be a fitville customer for LIFE.

-- Kathy Fritts

I love these shoes. My heel pain is gone while Im wearing these shoes and my Knee pain has lessened also. I have told family members about them. They are already ordering.

-- Cheryl Keller

Love these shoes. I'm one tohate new shoes .but these fit perfect right out of the box. I usually have pain in feet, lower back and knees as I am on my feet all day chasing kids. I haven't had any pain since wearing them!

-- Natasha Wall