FitVille offers sneakers that are specially designed with your experience in mind. We strive to make lives easier and more fulfilling for the billions of health-conscious people in the world. The flagship footwear Rebound Core features top class support, comfort, stability, and proprietary technical designs.

FitVille conveys a combination of passion for style and technology. It is our belief that only with stringent quality-control measures, and the finest in footwear design technology, can we deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers. 

- We care about customer demands and merge value into our design;
- We offer products with popularity in latest trend;
- We strive for quality, consistency, and transparency;
- We value user experience and continue with improvement;
- We convey FitVille as a brand and also as a service.

The shoes are unisex and the size convert is Women's size = Men's size + 1 1/2. E.g. Women's 9 1/2 = Men's 8.

We offer Men's 6 - 15 Wide/2E and Extra Wide/4E, Women's 6 - 12 Wide/2E and Extra Wide/4E.

Yes to 87% of our existing customers! They feature a roomy and cushioning experience, suitable with many foot and leg problems. Welcome to try and hope you will love our fittings like many other customers. 


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You are free to contact us any time you want via Help Message or email: returns@thefitville.com contact@thefitville.com. We are more than happy to hear from you. Hotline: 1(323)-366-3865, we will try our best to reply ASAP!

If you have already placed your order, please send an email with your order number to our customer service: returns@thefitville.comcontact@thefitville.com, then we will update your email address accordingly.