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New - Work Shoes for Men

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Endure no more in shoes that don't understand your foot conditions. We get the struggle of all-day walking and standing, especially when your feet cry out for something better. That's why our TopGrip SE work shoes are here to make a difference. Sized up to US15, these shoes come with a wide toe box, offering soothing relief for those troubled by bunions and hammertoes. The U-shaped heel cup and cushioned insole deliver essential support and comfort, targeting heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. But it's the high-performance EVA midsole that truly sets them apart – providing springy cushioning that minimizes impact while maximizing stability, thanks to our innovative ErgoFit™ Technology that adapts to your feet's pressure points. And we haven't overlooked practicality – the slip-resistant soles and water/stain-resistant uppers are ready for any workday challenge. Step into a pair of TopGrip SE shoes and embrace the change. Each step is a step towards unparalleled comfort, robust support, and a workday free from pain.