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Women’s Wide Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes Amadeus | FitVille

FitVille Women's Amadeus Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes

$69.00 USD

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2-5 days delivery guaranteed.
30 days return or exchange.

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Wide Toe Box Designed for Maximum Toe Movement.

Patented Sole Technology providing Cloud-Like Cushioning.

Ergonomic sole adapts to your foot's natural curves while providing arch support.

The FitVille Amadeus Tennis Shoes gathered all of the functional attributes required for a peak sporting performance. Brand new design from a fresh perspective on
contemporary tennis shoes. This exciting shoe comes in four eye-catching colorways: black, white, orange, and khaki.

Designed for professional and recreational tennis players, FitVille Amadeus features a torsion-resistant and enhanced non-slip design, allowing you to walk and play tennis freely on any surface.

Just like other FitVille models, it also includes a wide toe box to provide a roomy and cushioning experience for players with wider feet.

  • Upper: Mesh and Ultra Soft Microfiber Upper.
  • Insole: Honeycomb Insole and Ortholite™ Material.
  • Midsole: Patented dual-density EVA midsole providing better support.
  • Outsole: Rigid rubber outsoles for solid gripping and motion stability.
  • Width: Wide/2E and Extra Wide/4E.
  • Weight: Approximately 335 Grams.
  • Origin:: Designed with American Ingenuity, Manufactured with Our Asian Partners.
Care Guide

(1) Clean the shoes regularly.

(2) Wipe off any dirt from on the upper using a moist cloth.

(3) Air dry in a cool environment.

(4) Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature.

(5) Keep away from substances with sharp edges.

Shipping & Return

We are eager to bring FitVille to the world by offering international shipping.

It normally takes 7-15 business days for orders to arrive. The recipient is solely responsible for any additional duties, taxes, fees, or VAT on international orders. Your order will be dispatched from the nearest warehouse with stock availability.

If, for any reason, your shoes aren't the perfect fit, please get in touch! Talk to one of our Sole Savers for expert fitting tips and guide. We are happy to offer an exchange or refund. For all eligible returns - please see our "30-Day Return Policy" below to learn more.

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Wide Tennis Shoe

With Fitville’s iconic wide toe box design, Amadeus Court Tennis gives you a roomy experience as well as keeping your feet comfy.

Geared for Stability

FitVille Amadeus Court Tennis features an anti-torsion design, keeping you stable and agile on extreme cross-court movements.

Cushioned Support

An ergonomic insole ensures the right fit for your feet while providing maximum comfort and support. EVA footbed provides excellent arch support and cradles the foot gently.

Questions & Answers

1. Why Choose FitVille Shoes?

Our patented PropelCore™ technology is a dynamic totality of the five core components: dual density sole, anti-skid rubber, heel ring, removable insoles, shock absorbing pad. PropelCore™ is our secret weapon in creating the most supportive shoes.

FitVille Comfort+™ technology puts comfort in motion. This advance technology follows the contour of your feet to enhance your movement.

Empowered by ErgoFit™ technology, FitVille shoes are of ergonomic designs that give you the amazing footwear experience. Springy cushioning minimizes impact and maximizes stability.

2. How long does it take?

On average it takes 7-15 business days for the order to arrive. However, due to convid-19 and some major holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's day, there will be some delivery delays to all international destinations. However, we send all international parcels via a tracked express shipping service so you will be able to check on the progress of your order while in transit.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Wide Toe Box Shoes?

Wide toe box shoes are an excellent option if you're looking for shoes that prioritize your foot health. It can improve your overall foot health, comfort, and performance.

Improved comfort

Wide toe box shoes allow your toes to spread and move freely, reducing the pressure on your toes and improving overall comfort.

Better balance and stability

You can feel a more steady and wider base of support by spreading out the toes, which can improve your overall balance and stability.

Reduced risk of foot problems

Wide toe box shoes reduce the risk of bunions, blisters, and other foot problems caused by tight shoes.

Improved blood circulation

Increases blood flow to the foot, reducing symptoms such as numbness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Michelle Marotta
Fitting Rating:
Comfort Rating:
True to Size:
Love these sneakers.

My brother recommended Fitville to me after I complained of foot pain, so I bought the Amadeus tennis sneakers for when I play pickleball. I couldn't believe how great they made my feet feel. No pain and I was running around the court like I was a kid. I have bought 2 more pairs of shoes. They are great. I'm glad my brother told me about them.

Fitting Rating:
Comfort Rating:
True to Size:

The wide toe box is much appreciated. However the arch support is poor and every time I put them on I looked at the leather and thought “oh these aren’t going to last me very long.” They are ok to walk in but again not very supportive. If I wore them on a trip that included spending a long time in the airport, my feet would hurt. They are attractive looking shoes, which along with the wide toe box are what the company has going for itself.

Barbara Powers
Fitting Rating:
Comfort Rating:
True to Size:

After paying for a size 6.5 Amadeus Court shoe on December 28, 2022, I received a size 7 the following week. I returned the size 7 on January 6, 2023.
My order # 80065 was returned with Tracking # 9302 2108 9960 0031 5661 47.
Are size 6.5 ever going to show up???

Barbara LadersBarrett
Fitting Rating:
Comfort Rating:
True to Size:
Soooooo comfortable!

Purchased a pair of AMADEUS to wear while playing pickleball. I have a very wide toe box and wide-width pickleball (or tennis) shoes are not easy to find. Admittedly I was skeptical to make an on-line purchase of a shoe I had never worn. I play outdoors 5 times a week for two hours and these shoes are comfortable and stable. I found the sizing to be accurate. The order was easy to place and the shoes arrived promptly. Will be purchasing more because they are that good.

Jane Sage
Fitting Rating:
Comfort Rating:
True to Size:
Not true to advertised size

After receiving the TENTH pair of shoes, I was told that the shoes for a women's size 11 4E is a men's 8 5E. I was sent WOMEN'S REGULAR sizes 11, 11W, AND TWO PAIRS OF MEN'S SHOES SIZE 8.5 E. Where are the women's size 11 4E that are advertised on the site? AS ADVERTISED...AS SHOWN...11 4 E
One good thing is that if the shoes do fit you, then you probably have a really good shoe. That's why they are receiving three stars. They just need to get their sizing corrected like all the other shoe stores. Men's shoes are meant for men. My foot is a women's size double wide, which is an 11 4E in the FitVille size chart. You won't get a size 11 4E.

FitVille Women's Amadeus Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes
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