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FitVille Men's HeelAero Walking Shoes V1

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FitVille Compression Socks (Unisex) FitVille Compression Socks (Unisex)
FitVille Dual-Layer Heel Protecto FitVille Dual-Layer Heel Protecto
FitVille Double-Handle Canvas Tote Bag FitVille Double-Handle Canvas Tote Bag

Questions & Answers

1. Do these Orthopedic Shoes accommodate custom insoles?

Absolutely! Our orthopedic walking shoes are designed to accommodate custom insoles. With a deep instep, you can insert your own custom insoles with ease, giving you the flexibility to choose the support that's right for you.

But don't worry, we've also got you covered with our included insoles, made with Ortholite material for breathability, sweat absorption, and odor resistance. They're designed to cushion and protect your joints, with a U-shaped heel structure and arch support to relieve pressure and discomfort. This means you can enjoy comfort and support right out of the box!

2. Why it’s essential for orthopedic shoes to prevent pronation and flat feet?

Pronation affects an estimated 60-70% of the population, with a higher prevalence among individuals with a larger weight. This can lead to falls, ankle sprains, and foot conditions due to uneven pressure distribution.

The U-shaped heel cup work together to secure the heel, preventing inward or outward leaning. With each step, the heel cup provides gentle cushioning, which is crucial as our heel pad thins with age and our heel absorbs more shock. This additional cushioning is essential for reliable footwear and gait correction, preventing uneven pressure distribution and alleviating symptoms in the long run.

3. What foot conditions can benefit from wearing FitVille Men's HeelAero Walking Shoes V1?

With extra wide widths, robust arch support, advanced cushioning, and slip-resistant technology, FitVille's AeroHeel Walking Shoes V1 are designed to alleviate a range of foot conditions, including:

Toe issues: bunions, hammertoes, gout, arthritis, corns

Heel problems: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis

Our PU midsole is significantly firmer than our previous EVA-based designs, providing unparalleled support and protection. The result is a striking improvement in shock absorption and stability. Ready to put it to the test? Take a gentle jump and feel the reliable heel protection our air cushion design provides. With every step, our latest innovation has got you covered - confident, comfortable, and supported.

4. What is Formulated Rubber, and why do we use it on the outsoles of our orthopedic shoes?

At FitVille, we choose Formulated Rubber for our outsoles because of its superior traction and grip. With a 25% better coefficient of friction (COF), you can trust that your feet will stay firmly on the ground.

Formulated Rubber also outlasts traditional rubber outsoles, with a 20% longer lifespan in flex fatigue testing. Plus, it offers improved flexibility and shock absorption, with 10% better flexural strength and 15% better flexural modulus.

For people with joint issues, Formulated Rubber helps prevent slips and falls, a common concern. Additionally, it absorbs impact energy, alleviating pain and discomfort associated with foot conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Rivers
Flexible Arch Support for Custom Fit

The ErgoFit™ Arch Support in these shoes offers a comfy, heel-hugging fit that is firm yet flexible, providing support without any bulkiness.

Corey Henry
Durable Traction and Reliable Grip

The formulated rubber outsole on these shoes shields the air, grips the ground, and is built to last, ensuring reliable performance and traction.

Cayson Gould
Responsive Support for All-Day Ease

The PU Core's firm yet responsive design provides 50% more support, delivering precise reflex and lasting comfort throughout the day.

Taylor Hutchinson
Cushioned Heel for Smooth Landings

The air-cushioned heel in these shoes absorbs impact, compresses fully, and rebounds quickly, ensuring a smooth and comfortable heel strike.

Larry Carr
Accommodating Comfort for Wide Feet

These shoes offer a comfort fit for those with wide feet, bunions, arthritis, or hammer toes, thanks to their up to 4E width and high instep design.