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FitVille's Mission

Adhering to the values of Therapeutic, Comfort, and Support Technology, FitVille is on a mission to help everyone attain a healthy and active lifestyle by utilizing advanced technologies and designed of footwear.

Since 2018, its proprietary “PropelCore™ Sole” and “Rebound Core®” technologies have successfully helped over 1000,000 people live more comfortable lives and relieve their foot problems.

Innovative PropelCore™ Sole Technology

Your Secret Weapon for Foot Pain and All-Day Comfort

FitVille’s PropelCore™ technology turns selected materials into a ergonomic design. Our patented PropelCore™ technology is a dynamic totality of the five core components: dual density sole, anti-skid rubber, heel ring, removable insoles, shock absorbing pad. PropelCore™ is our secret weapon in creating the most supportive shoes. Your footwear experience empowered by PropelCore™ would be surprisingly steady.