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Test Page


FitVille's Mission

FitVille believes in designing footwear with Creativity, Originality, Usability, and Excellency. Our vision is to assist our customer to look energetic, stylish and attractive all at once. The flagship footwear Rebound Core features top class support, comfort, stability, and proprietary design.

FitVille Rebound Core Technology

Ultimate Comfort & Pain Relief
Wide Toe Cap and High Instep to Offer Top Class Experience
Patented Sole Design to Provide Cushioning & Elasticity
Shock Absorbing Pad to Help Alleviate Heel Pain
Heel Ring to Reduce Overpronation & Prevent Spraining
Anti-Skid Rubber to Ensure Your Safer Walk

FitVille Release

Attention to Details

A Plan to Success

Creative Technology

Professional Expertise