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Hi Everyone

We are deeply concerned with the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) globally and our thoughts and prayers are with millions of those whose lives are affected, especially with the healthcare professionals who are working hard to protect our communities.

For the time being our website thefitville.com will be running as normal, and is currently shipping without much of delay. Any changes will be communicated as swiftly as possible.

We strongly recommend keeping a healthy lifestyle by working out regularly in order to boost your immune system. We believe a pair of FitVille Rebound Core will be your best pal now for jogging, walking, and running your daily errands around your neighborhood.

Thus, we have launched a Virus-Fighting sale with up to 20% off our flagship sneakers to help you fight off the diseases.

Stay safe and comfortable please!

Yours Best,

James Kuai

Founder & CEO of FitVille