< img src='https://trc.taboola.com/1332225/log/3/unip?en=page_view' width='0' height='0' style='display:none'/> Why FitVille Wide Sneakers are so popular among our senior citizens?

Seniors Common Foot Problems

As the boomers have entered their retirement ages in large, many have experienced foot problems after many years of walking and running, like worn tires.

Here are some common foot issues that seniors experience:

  • Fallen arches—A condition in which the tendon supporting the foot arch weakens and allows the entire foot to contact the ground (something that can lead to knee and back pain)
  • Wider feet, higher instep -along with fallen arches and increased weight, their feet got wider, and insteps higher, making it harder to fit into normal shoes
  • Plantar fasciitis—Inflammation of a band of tissue along the bottom of the foot that causes heel pain, particularly first thing in the morning
  • Corns or callouses—Hardened patches of skin that often develop as a result of repeated friction or pressure
  • Bunions—Bony bumps that develop on the joint at the base of the big toe, forcing the joint to stick outwards. This is a more common problem among ladies since ladies wear high-heels.

The good news is that the pain and discomfort that accompanies these problems can often be improved by choosing the appropriate footwear. The right pair of shoes can help alleviate foot pain, keep you balanced and protected, prevent knee and back problems, and encourage you to stay physically active.

FitVilles Design to Address These Problems & Make Elderly Comfortable 

When we were designing FitVille sneakers, while not only designing for the elderly, we kept senior citizens’ special needs in mind. Here are a few features we have in order to address their problems:

  • A wide toe box—Our brand slogan is “Free Your Toes”, so a wide toe box can accommodate wider feet and free your toes from narrow sneakers or running shoes, also we have Wide and Extra Wide versions of each size for different needs
  • Higher Instep & Extra Depth— this design feature is also for accommodating and better serving wider feet and thicker footbed, even swelling feet and diabetes feet.
  • A sole that is both supportive and provides cushioning — our patented sole design is made of five pieces to support a big weight, like 200 lbs+, and provides enough cushioning while alleviate foot pain via a shock absorbing pad inside of the sole
  • Adequate padding—Cushioning absorbs and disperses the shock of your foot impacting the ground, thus reducing the effect of the impact on your hips and back.
  • The right material—Shoes with uppers made of sturdy materials offer more support and insulation. On the other hand, a softer upper made of mesh will be more lightweight and provide more breathability. FitVille Rebound Core series provides a premium quality microfiber and mesh net for uppers, perfectly combining both sturdiness, style, and breathability.
  • Removable insoles—Our insoles have memory foam and cupping wrapping your heels. And they are removable, which means you are able to take the insole out if necessary.
  • Adequate traction—Good grip is critical, especially in shoes for elderly people with balance problems. Look for groove patterns on the bottom of the shoe that extend the right to the edge. These grooves allow water to escape and help keep you steady in wet conditions.

In sum, FitVille Wide Sneaker line does have certain therapeutic effects not only for people who are big and tall, but also for the elderly and can certainly address the elderly’s foot problems including the above-mentioned. In 2020, we will continue to develop new kinds of sneakers, running shoes, loafers to beef up our offerings.

Dear readers, FitVille’s vision is to design innovative footwear to enable better living for people around the world and we are working around the clock to achieve this goal!