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'When you start a brand, it all comes down to how your customers experience the brand – and how the brand makes a person feel. There's a certain way of creating a product, hospitality, and experience that makes people feel like they matter.

FitVille shoes are featured with a wide toe box and a high instep, as well as solid arch support which offers maximum cushioning. Wearing is believing, let's take a look at what our customers say about their experience with FitVille.

Paul wrote a review about FitVille Rebound Core - Sandy Grey
I love them
Excellent design/comfort and a perfect fit. Got sandy grey this time. I've owned majolica blue previously and both pairs work extremely well for me!

BeBop4000 wrote a review about Rebound Core - Sandy Grey
These look perfect for my feet BUT, I am waiting for the manufacturing of pairs in WHITE! Grey is not my favorite color.

Kerr wrote a review about FitVille Rebound Core - Majolica Blue
Nice and comfortable
Ok. I'm a guy and not that into shoes but I wear FitVille for the comfort..not necessarily the looks. I like the looks of the shoes. They are a casual shoe that you can wear to dinner or a movie. They are very comfortable and recommended!

Tracy wrote a review about FitVille Rebound Core - Black
You will feel the difference!!
The shoes were plenty comfortable. I work and play in them. I figured I would tear them up within a few months but, they look like they're going to take a licking and keep on ticking if you know what I mean. They've held up really well under my rough treatment and believe me, I put my shoes through hell. I've even thought about buying another pair just for going out in public since I've already made these look like "daily shoes".
All in all, I really like these shoes and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a little comfort under their feet. You will feel the difference.

Tod wrote a review about FitVille Rebound Core - Majolica Blue
Best walking shoe
I walk 3 to 4 miles a day, and this is by far the best shoe I've ever owned. It's like walking on pillows. If you have high arches and have experienced shin splints or high ankle pain, or even plantar fasciitis, this shoe will blow your mind. I'm getting a second pair.

Geo Nick wrote a review about FitVille Rebound Core - Black
For the Dad that likes to GET AFTER IT, in style!
This shoe will change your perspective on Dad Runners, and catch the eye of both sexes. My dad loves it! I will think about getting another pair for my uncle as a gift.