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Some are born with wide feet while some people’s feet widen as they age. Unpleasant foot problems like Morton’s Neuroma might occur and existing problems like bunions might worsen if your feet lack proper foot care and footwear. A pair of wide or extra-wide shoes might be the lifesaver you need for a comfortable sole experience. This article will take you through all the things you need to know about wide feet and how to choose the perfect-fitting shoe.


Common Causes of Wide Feet

  • Genetics: As mentioned earlier, some people are born with wider feet.
  • Age: Ligaments and tendons are likely to loosen and your feet grow longer and wider as you age.
  • Foot Problems: Bunions and hammer toes could cause feet to become wider.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy hormones can cause ligaments to loosen as well, causing feet to widen.
  • Swelling: Certain medications, health conditions and fluid retention could lead to swelling or Edema.
  • Ill-fitting footwear: Shoes that don’t fit properly could lead to feet deformity


Measuring foot width

In terms of picking the right footwear for wide feet, you should not only focus on the length, the width of our feet is just as important.


  1. Place a piece of paper on the ground and stand on it.
  2. Trace your foot onto the paper with a pen
  3. Measure the widest part of your feet.


Shoe Width explained

B Width

Standard width for Women, narrow for Men


D Widths

Wide for Women, Standard for Men


E/2E/4E Widths

E is extra wide for Women, Wide for men.

Shoes with E width are considered as wide shoes. The more “E”s in the shoe, the wider it is.

Finding the right shoe

The perfect shoe for wide feet should ensure they fit properly with all the comfort, support and pain relief you need.



The instep of the shoe should be high, with extra room for feet and toe movement without squeezing it.


Roomy toe box

Not all brands offer shoes with wide or extra-wide options. Be sure to check and choose a brand that does for a better foot experience.


Stretchable or Adjustable Upper

Ideally, the upper should be stretchable or adjustable to ensure a loose and custom fit. This would minimize pressure on wide feet and other feet problems like bunions or hammertoes.


FitVille specializes in wide shoes for those who desire comfort in what they wear every day. FitVille Rebound Core offers up to 6E width for people with flat feet, bunions and hammertoe issues. The wide toe box and high instep design reduce friction between your feet and the shoe to the minimum. It also features a PropelCoreTM dual-density sole with both arch support and unprecedented cushioning comfort.


FitVille EasyTop and EasyTop Wings V2 also provide extra wide spacious toe box to accommodate wide or swollen feet. Both feature an adjustable velcro strap that’s fully adjustable to ensure no squeezing or rubbing while putting it on and off. Perfect for swollen feet or wide feet.