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High-tops are often considered a kind of fancy and fashionable footwear, yet they actually are your better choice for protecting your foot health.

-Higher tops provide extra support around the ankle, minimizing the chance of over-pronation.

-Lacing around the ankle joints brings additional stability to avoid slipping inside the shoes due to foot sweats.

-The cushion at the high tops can absorb more impact and protect your ankles and knees on various occasions.

If you are vulnerable to ankle sprains in your everyday exercise, you should start considering high-top shoes. The FitVille High-Top Rebound Core shoes boast an ankle-protection design. It is not just an extension of the low-cut version, but a reinvention for ultimate ankle protection. Along with the popular heel rings, FitVille High-Top Rebound Core boasts a higher level of stability.

The patented PropelCore system, which is the heritage of the FitVille family, provides incomparable shock absorption and arch support for your everyday comfort. The skid-proof outsoles wrap up the all-around safety, keeping you secured even on rainy days.

Make sure you give yourself a higher level of ankle protection whether in walking, working, or simply leisure. Order the FitVille High-Top Rebound Core shoes to have the ankle safety delivered to your door in no time.