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If you have wide feet and struggle to find shoes that don't cause blisters, corns, or foot pain, it's important to look for shoes with a wide enough toe box, adequate arch support, and sufficient cushioning. Let's delve into why these three aspects are crucial.


Why do I have Wide Feet?

Wide feet can be caused by a variety of factors, including natural flat feet, obesity, aging, pregnancy, circulatory diseases, and diabetes-induced edema. Conditions like bunions, arthritis, and gout also contribute to the widening of feet due to the painful and swollen joints they create.

As we age, our feet tend to grow wider and flatter due to the loosening of tendons and the collapse of arches. This process is accelerated by factors like obesity, which puts additional strain on the foot's arch, causing it to flatten and widen over time.

For individuals with diabetes or circulatory conditions, edema (swelling) in the feet, ankles, and calves can make finding well-fitting shoes a challenge. The same goes for pregnant women, who may experience pregnancy-induced edema, making shoes with extra width, support, and slip-resistant soles a necessity.


How wide is 2E, 4E and 6E?

M stands for Medium or regular shoe width, 2E is considered wide, 4E is extra wide, and 6E is extra-extra wide. To determine the width of your feet, you would have to measure the widest part or the girth of your feet, which is the distance between the pinky toe and the joint of the big toe.
Here's the measurement guide and a chart to help you determine the width you might need in FitVille's shoe collection. Since FitVille is a brand that specializes in wide width orthopedic shoes, almost all our shoes are available in wide/2E width, with 3/4 of our shoes available in size 4E and plenty of options available for extra-extra-wide feet that require 6E shoes.

measuring the girth of your feet to determine the extra width for your shoe size if you have wide feet.

A chart of FitVille shoe widths of 2E, 4E, and 6E with their corresponding foot girth in millimeters.


Why is Arch Support Essential?

As a brand dedicated to crafting orthopedic shoes for wide feet, FitVille is intimately familiar with the challenges our customers encounter. Wide feet, frequently associated with foot conditions and additional weight, can overburden muscles, tendons, and arches. Over time, this stress leads to arch collapse and flat feet, diminishing the arch's ability to absorb landing pressure. The lack of a supportive arch causes uneven pressure distribution, placing excess stress on the heel and mid-metatarsal area. Consequently, conditions such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and metatarsalgia arise.

a flatted arch and flat foot causes wide feet, heel pain and metatarsalgia, wide-fit shoes are essential.

Arch support is crucial for shock absorption, especially for fallen arches. It redistributes stress away from the heel, metatarsal, and joints, which often experience pain upon each step. This support allows your feet to rest in a natural position with each step, complemented by a spacious toe box that enables your feet and muscles to function in a natural, instinctive manner, akin to barefoot walking. This prevents an unbalanced gait and allows wide feet to spread out, maximizing the landing area and alleviating existing foot pain.


Whats special about FitVilles Arch Support Technology?

Empowered by ErgoFit™ technology, FitVille shoes are of ergonomic designs that give you the amazing footwear experience. Springy cushioning minimizes impact and maximizes stability. You’ll feel no pain when you move in FitVille shoes. Anatomical arch support makes your ankles more stable, keeps your feet in the proper position and shape to be fully functional. The wide toe box allows your feet to move comfortably. We are proud to serve you the well-crafted arch support healing shoes supported by ErgoFit ™ technology.


The Best Cushioning Shoes For Wide Feet

Apart from the clever ergonomic design that molds to your feet's natural contours, expert cushioning is achieved through the selection of high-performance EVA, industrial methods, and orthotic insoles.FitVille's Comfort+™ technology revolutionizes comfort in motion. This advanced technology contours to your feet, enhancing movement. With Comfort+™, EVA materials are transformed into our dual-density solid soles, akin to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly—a transformation that's not just magical but scientifically proven. Our shoes offer superior cushioning for unparalleled comfort-in-motion.

customer review for FitVille’s cushioning wide walking shoes rebound core sneakers.

Moreover, our EVA sole is 15% lighter and more durable than standard EVA, offsetting the added weight of wider widths. This makes FitVille shoes not only accommodating for extra-wide feet but also lighter and more efficient for various exercises.But there’s more to our comfort story. Our insoles are designed with either mesh or high-density cotton for top-notch breathability and moisture-wicking. Plus, the built-in U-shaped heel cup gently wraps around your heel, easing the shock of each step and keeping your heel steady. It’s all about supporting a smooth, natural walk.


FitVilles 2E,4E and 6E Shoes For Men

At FitVille, our mission is to deliver not just footwear, but freedom. Freedom to pursue every passion and activity that life offers, without being held back by discomfort or the wrong fit. Our array of wide, extra-wide, and extra-extra wide/6E orthopedic shoes caters to a plethora of lifestyles, ensuring you’re well-equipped, no matter the occasion.

For those who spend their days on the move, tackling tasks and conquering challenges, our wide orthopedic work boots are your steadfast companions. They promise enduring comfort and unwavering support, enabling you to stand tall and pain-free from dawn till dusk.

Tennis buffs, we’ve tailored our offerings to ensure your focus remains on your serve and volley, not on foot pain. Our specially designed shoes reduce friction and avoid squeezing, allowing for swift, agile movements across the court.

Golfers, step onto the green with confidence in our wide, comfortable shoes that boast excellent traction and water resistance, ensuring not even a spot of rain can dampen your day.

And for those embarking on a fitness journey or simply enjoying a run, our wide running shoes with their supportive rocker soles cushion every step, making your health goals more attainable and enjoyable.

When the mercury drops, our winter boots keep you cozy and supported, while our orthotic in-house sandals offer comfort and therapeutic benefits for those recovery days spent at home. Plus, our wide-fit walking shoes combine flair and function, ensuring your style is on point without sacrificing comfort.

FitVille is here to support every step of your adventure with shoes that fit your life as perfectly as they fit your feet. Embrace the journey with footwear that’s as ready for action as you are. With FitVille, step confidently into a world of comfort, style, and endless possibilities.