< img src='https://trc.taboola.com/1332225/log/3/unip?en=page_view' width='0' height='0' style='display:none'/> The Importance of Choosing Wide Shoes for Women with High Arches – FitVille

Women with high arches often have difficulty finding shoes that fit comfortably. High arches can cause discomfort and even injury if not properly supported. Choosing the right pair of wide shoes can help ease the pain.


Wide shoes offer more space for the foot to spread out, which is especially important for women with high arches. They also provide better support and stability like FitVille Women's Rebound Core, which can help prevent injury. When choosing wide shoes, it is important to look for those that have excellent cushioning and support. This will help distribute pressure evenly across the foot and lower the risk of pain and injury.


Women with high arches should avoid shoes with high heels, as these can put extra pressure on the ball of the foot and worsen existing problems. Instead, find shoes with a moderate heel with a wide toe box like FitVille Women's Fresh Core Wide Running Shoes. This will allow the foot and toe to move naturally and reduce the risk of injury.


FitVille Patented sole Technology dynamically flexes to hug your heels with every step. The shoes have elastic front sole + solid back sole that smooth movement with strong support. The ergonomically designed insole molds to your feet and the solid heel ring to make your steps steady.