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When it comes to winter dog walks, finding the right pair of comfortable shoes is essential. This is especially true when you have a dog eagerly awaiting their morning outing. Owning a dog has certainly changed my winter mornings, adding a mix of brisk challenges and heartwarming experiences. Facing a dark, frosty morning requires resilience, especially with a dog full of excitement and energy, ready to go despite the chilly start.

In these situations, my indoor-outdoor slippers are a lifesaver. Imagine the scene: you're bundled up in winter gear, trying to tie shoelaces with a playful dog circling your feet. It's almost like a scene from a comedy show. The hands-free convenience of slipping into these shoes is a small yet significant win. The upper part of the shoes has a Velcro strap, which is a clever feature. It allows for easy adjustments to get that perfectly snug fit, ensuring stability and no slipping as I move throughout my day. They’re straightforward yet incredibly effective for those rushed mornings.

Wide toe box fur-lined winter outdoor slippers.

As I get ready, focusing on comfort and practicality, choosing the right footwear is key. My winter indoor-outdoor slippers are now a vital part of my daily routine. Their springy soles add a bounce to my step during morning walks. Impressively, my feet remain comfortable and free from fatigue, even after spending hours doing garden work in the cold. When there's snow around my house, the rubber soles with their rectangular pattern provide a secure grip, ensuring steady and confident steps. The fur lining inside is cozy, creating a warm haven for my feet.

I should also mention the velvet EVA insole in these shoes – it's a real luxury for the feet. It feels like walking on a plush carpet, but within the comfort of my home – supportive and incredibly warm. It's a perfect blend of comfort and coziness. I particularly appreciate the wide toe box, which accommodates my wider feet and bunions comfortably.

The best indoor outdoor slippers for walking your dog in winter chill.

For those interested in these practical winter slippers, FitVille offers them in different colors. The women's shoes come in black and burgundy red, while the men's are available in black and copper brown. They're wide-fit and versatile, matching well with winter outfits.

FitVille Men's Recovery Winter Slipper V3

FitVille Women's Recovery Winter Slipper V2


Cozy Together: Top Tips for You and Your Pup

Even in the cold grip of winter, I make it a point to take my dog for walks three times a day. It's more than just allowing her a chance to relieve herself or keeping her healthy – it's about her needing regular exercise to stay fit, and frankly, I need it too. I remember one winter when my parents looked after her. They meant well, but they tended to overfeed her. She put on a noticeable amount of weight, to the point where she would start wheezing after just a little bit of play. That really opened my eyes. Once she was back in my care, I implemented a strict policy of no human food and only commercial dog food. Now, we're on this journey together – enjoying healthier, homemade meals and staying active.

The often-heard idea that dogs need more calories in winter to stay warm doesn't hold true for my 7-year-old canine friend. Given her age, the risks of weight gain and joint problems are very real concerns. To ensure she remains healthy and lively, we stick to our regimen of three daily walks, each lasting around 10 to 15 minutes. She looks comfortably content in her new dog bed, which keeps her warm without the need for extra calories.

Dog Walking Gloves In Winter

What I got for myself's outing? A pair of insulation gloves are a must since I cannot hide my hands in winter coat's pockets as I hold the leash. Finding the right gloves was key – they needed to be warm, yet functional. That's when I came across FitVille's HydroTouch Outdoor Gloves. These gloves are a game changer for our winter walks.

First off, the thermal insulation is impressive. It keeps my hands warm without being overly bulky, which is essential when handling the leash. You don’t want gloves that are too thick and cumbersome when you’re trying to maintain a good grip. Another standout feature is the touchscreen compatibility. It's so convenient to be able to use my phone without having to take the gloves off – whether it's to change the music, snap a quick photo of my dog's antics, or answer a call.

The outdoor gloves for walking your dog in winter chill.

The waterproof design is another crucial aspect. On snowy days or when there's a bit of rain, my hands stay dry. This is particularly important for comfort, as damp gloves can quickly make any walk rather unpleasant. Additionally, the anti-slip grip is a thoughtful touch. It ensures that even when the leash gets a bit wet or icy, I maintain a firm and secure hold.

Lastly, the adjustable wrist straps are a nice addition. They allow me to get just the right fit, ensuring that no cold air sneaks in. It’s these small details that make a big difference in the overall comfort during our walks. These gloves aren’t just practical; they’ve become an essential part of my winter dog walking gear.

Available in Black & Grey, these gloves look cool while the price is practical - $13.99. Here's where you can buy them: FitVille HydroTouch Outdoor Gloves 

The outdoor grey gloves, waterproof and cozy for winter dog walking.

Hike with Your Pup in Comfort: Orthopedic Hiking Shoes

Hiking with my husky during the winter season is a real joy, particularly because she absolutely loves playing in the snow. When she's out there, dashing through the snowy landscape, she seems incredibly happy and at ease. It's as if she's merging into the natural world around us, almost transforming into a wolf. For me, these hikes have become much more enjoyable and less exhausting since I started wearing my new hiking boots from FitVille.

The orthopedic hiking shoes/boots, waterproof, slip-resistant and cozy for dog walking on snowy trails, ensures comfortable walking all day.

The boots in question are the FitVille Men's High-Top Rugged Core Wide Hiking Boots , which perfectly blend comfort with durability. The high-top design was the first feature that caught my attention. It provides excellent ankle support, crucial for navigating uneven terrain. When we're out trekking through the mountains, it's important for me to have reliable support to prevent any twists or sprains.

A key feature I was specifically seeking is the wide toe box. I have extra wide feet, requiring 4E width shoes. These boots offer my toes ample room to spread out, a true relief during longer hikes. Feeling cramped in your shoes miles from home is never pleasant. The strong and durable rubber outsole is another notable aspect. It ensures great traction, essential for maintaining steady footing on slippery or icy paths.

The orthopedic hiking shoes/boots, waterproof, slip-resistant and cozy for dog walking on snowy trails, ensures strong traction

The water-resistant material of these boots is a significant advantage. Whether trekking through snow or crossing shallow streams, my feet remain dry. Wet feet can quickly dampen the spirit of a good hike, but that's not an issue with these boots. The padded collar and tongue provide an additional comfort layer, preventing any rubbing or chafing during longer walks.

Moreover, the midsoles are impressively supportive and cushioning. They effectively reduce the impact on my joints, making the hikes less strenuous. This is especially beneficial when descending steep trails – it's akin to having a cushion under my feet. With these boots on, I can keep up with my husky, enjoying long, invigorating hikes just as much as she does.


Indoor Excercise With Your Dog

Enjoying winter with your dog can be a delightful experience. Even if your dog isn't a fan of cold weather, there are plenty of indoor exercises to keep them active, like a game of tug of war or fetching balls. As for feeding, I tend to feed my dog just once a day since she's a healthy adult and might overeat out of boredom otherwise.

Heres how I DIY Tug of War Toy Using Old Socks:

Gather Materials: You'll need a few old socks. It's better to use thick winter socks as they are more durable.

Tie a Knot: Take one sock and tie a knot at one end. This will be the base of your toy.

Insert Additional Socks: Slide another sock through the loop of the first sock.

Continue Knotting: Keep adding socks by tying a knot with each new sock, making sure each knot is tight and secure. This process creates a chain-like structure.

Final Knot: Once you reach the desired length, tie a final knot at the end of the last sock. Ensure all knots are tight to prevent any pieces from coming loose during play.

It's a good practice to assess and potentially replace socks every 6 to 12 months. So, it might be time to buy new socks for yourself, and hey, you'll end up having old socks to upcycle into dog toys - a win-win.

Speaking of socks, if you're looking for something cozy for the colder months, you might want to check out FitVille's Fluffy Cozy Non-slip Slipper Socks. They're designed for warmth and comfort, with fluffy cotton velvet to keep your feet toasty. Plus, they have a slip-resistant grip, so you can walk around the house without slipping.

FitVille’s slip-resistant slipper socks-cozy for dog with a pair of outdoor slippers.

The stretchable, breathable polyester ensures a snug fit without being too tight, making them ideal for lounging at home. It's a practical choice if you enjoy spending your evenings relaxed on the couch with a book or gaming. These socks could be a great addition to your winter gear, and you can always recycle the old ones for your furry friend's playtime.

For more info on these socks, you can find out here: FitVille Fluffy Cozy Non-slip Slipper Socks (Unisex).

If you're looking for more ways to stay active with your pet, consider grabbing a pair of FitVille shoes for a jog with your dog. They offer more than just winter boots and gloves; their range of sports shoes and running shoes is quite impressive. I'd recommend checking out their website to see if anything appeals to you. If you, like me, have wide feet, you might find yourself really appreciating what FitVille has to offer. Their shoes are not only practical but also extremely comfortable for those with wider feet.