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If you've got high insteps or swollen feet, the traditional Velcro straps are often your go-to for adjustability and convenience. But let's be honest, there are days when you just get tired of that Velcro look. If you've been longing for a style that says 'modern' instead of 'medical,' then the Rebound Core Walking Shoes V7 has a surprise waiting for you. Here's why it's about to become your new wardrobe staple.


The Best of Both Worlds: Lace Once, Velcro Forever

Get ready to flip the script on Velcro straps. With our unique "Lace Once, Velcro Forever" design, you can enjoy the look of laces without daily hassles. Lace them up once, and after that, it's the simple ease of Velcro—giving you the sleek style you want with the convenience you need.


Give Your High Insteps the VIP Treatment

Especially designed for high insteps and swollen feet, the Rebound Core V7 offers a Snug-Fit Heel and an Extra-Wide Toe Box. These features create an accommodating yet secure environment for your feet, giving you a refreshing departure from the limitations of Velcro-only options.


Rebound and Cushioning: Like Walking on Air

Good for: Plantar fasciitis and general foot fatigue.

Featuring a dual EVA density sole—58% firmness for the soles and 53% flexibility for the forefoot—this design provides optimal cushioning and rebound. Each step becomes more comfortable, making those 8 hours of fatigue-free walking a reality.


Arch Support with Extra Bounce: The Pillows for Your Feet

Good for: Arch pain, flat feet, and foot fatigue.

Our U-shaped arch support insole, combined with dual-density EVA and the EnergyWave pad, provides optimal shock absorption. This extra bounce could be the difference between ending the day with a groan and ending it with a spring in your step.


Top-Notch Slip Resistance: Stability You Can Trust

Good for: Elderly individuals and those with balance issues.

The rubber outsole is meticulously designed for superior ground grip, so you can walk confidently without fear of slipping, especially on wet or uneven surfaces.


Pronation and Flat Feet Control: A Consistent Gait, Guaranteed

Good for: Overpronation and flat feet conditions.

Our specialized hel ring helps maintain a steady and natural walking posture. Even when fatigue sets in, you can rely on a consistent gait.


Material and Sizing: Because Details Matter

Upper: Mesh + PU

Sole: EVA, TPU, and Rubber.

Width for Men: Wide/2E & Extra Wide/4E.

Width for Women: Wide/2E.


Time to Make the Switch?

If you're tired of compromising between style and comfort, the Rebound Core Walking Shoes V7 is your ticket out of the Velcro monotony. These shoes offer a unique blend of fashion and function that your high insteps have been yearning for.

Click Here to Say Goodbye to Ordinary and Hello to Extraordinary with the Rebound Core V7

Isn't it time your feet got the comfort and style they deserve? The Rebound Core Walking Shoes V7 is more than a shoe; it's a revolution in foot comfort and aesthetic appeal. Take that step today!