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Celebrating FitVille’s 2nd Anniversary

It’s FitVille’s 2nd Birthday Today! And we cannot be where we are without your support! In this special week, we wish to offer special prices for our beloved customers!

FitVille believes in designing footwear with Creativity, Originality, Usability, and Excellency. Our vision is to assist our customers to look energetic, stylish and attractive all at once. The flagship footwear Rebound Core features top class support, comfort, stability, and proprietary design.

FitVille History

2018.9 - 2019.6, Research & Development
2019.7 - 2020.2, Prototype, Production & Store setup
2020.4 - Now, Steady Growth
2021 Planning: New Styles, Product Lines, New Sales Channels


-90%+ User Satisfaction
-10X User Growth in 2020
-Up to 10K subscribers
-1.8K+ Facebook Fans
-Will be Releasing Women Rebound Core series
-4 operational warehouses in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Germany