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Morton’s neuroma is a condition that causes pain in the ball of your foot, mostly around the third and fourth toe, with a sensation often being described as “a pebble in the shoe”. The painful condition occurs from the thickening of tissue near a damaged nerve in your foot, which leads to stabbing and burning pain.



Morton's neuroma is caused by the compression or squeezing of the common digital plantar nerve, mainly due to wearing shoes with a narrow-toe box or high heels. The compressed or irritated nerve thickens due to the amount of pressure. The main causes of Morton's Neuroma include:

  • Wearing Narrow & high heel shoes : Compressed toe box or tight shoes creates extra foot pressure.
  • High impact sports: High-intensity sports such as running can cause stress on the feet. Also, sports that require tight shoes like rock climbing could add pressure on the toes.   
  • Other Foot problems:People suffering from other foot problems like bunions, hammertoes or flat feet are more likely to develop Morton’s neuroma.


  • Change in Lifestyle: A healthier diet and weight management mean less pressure being applied on the foot.

  • Cool massage: Place a bag of ice or frozen water on the painful area every couple of hours to soothe the pain.

  • Avoid high impact exercise: Avoid high-intensity exercises and activities, especially workouts that put repetitive pressure on the neuroma.  

  • Insoles: Wear shoes with soft and comfortable insoles (or inserts) to relieve the pain.

  • The right shoe: It is essential to wear roomy shoes with a wide toe box and high instep. This allows the bones to spread out and relieves the pressure on the nerve.

FitVille offers a range of wide and extra-wide shoes that would ease the pain and deliver comfort.

We recommend FitVille High/Low top Rebound Core, Stride Core and Briskwalk recovery shoes for people with Morton’s Neuroma. All these exciting models come in 2E wide and 4E extra wide with ample space for toes to spread out and reduce pressure on the nerve. The high instep feature minimizes additional pressure applied on the foot. The Patented sole provides a soft cushioning experience to relieve the pain caused by the condition.  

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