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"Running isn't about living longer; it's about living more fully," George Sheehan famously said. Interestingly, over 60% of runners reported knee pain last year, according to a Journal of Sports Medicine survey. Does your knee throb when you run? This discomfort can disrupt your training and even stop you from running altogether.


How Ground Contact Time Relates to Knee Pain

Each step during a run could potentially harm your knee. The longer your foot stays on the ground, the more stress your knee absorbs, leading to pain. Minimizing the time your foot is in contact with the ground can significantly reduce this stress and enhance your running efficiency.


Pronation and Knee Pain

Pronation, the foot's natural inward roll during a run, is crucial for shock absorption. However, excessive pronation, or overpronation, can twist the shinbone, misalign the kneecap, and increase knee stress. This often leads to conditions like patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and may also extend the foot's contact time with the ground, increasing the likelihood of developing Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.


To manage overpronation and reduce knee pain, consider these approaches:

Choose the Right Shoes: Running shoes with proper arch support and stability help control pronation and evenly distribute pressure.

Use Orthotics: Custom or store-bought orthotics can correct your foot alignment and alleviate problematic mechanics.

Strengthen and Stretch: Enhancing the muscles of your feet and legs can improve foot biomechanics and reduce knee strain.


Gait Correcting with the Right Footwear

Whether you're road running or trail blazing, FitVille's new release, the Men's AllTraction Trail Running Shoes V2, is an excellent choice. They feature a stabilizing U-shaped heel cup to correct pronation and a lightweight, energy-returning midsole crafted with advanced EVA technology. Together, they work to minimize impact and alleviate knee pain.


Stabilizing U-Shaped Heel Cup

This design corrects pronation, which is the inward rolling of the foot upon landing. By managing overpronation, the U-shaped heel cup prevents unnecessary internal rotation of the shinbone, thereby reducing stress on the knee joint. This feature is essential for preventing knee pain, particularly for those who are prone to patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and other related issues.


Cushioning and Comfort+: A Dual Approach to Impact Reduction

One of the standout features of the AllTraction V2 is its superior cushioning, enhanced by FitVille’s innovative Comfort+™ technology. This dual approach integrates a cushioning sole with different densities of EVA within the midsole. This not only absorbs shocks effectively but also delivers a harmonious balance of sturdy heel support and tender forefront flexibility. What does this mean for you? Each step is cushioned in a way that reduces the force transmitted to your knees, minimizing pain and discomfort. It’s like having a personal shock absorber for your joints!


Designed for Wide Feet

The AllTraction V2 isn’t just about knee protection; it also caters to the natural shape of your foot. With up to 4E width and high insteps, these shoes provide a comfortable fit, particularly beneficial for those with wide feet, bunions, arthritis, and hammer toes.


Nimble Ride with Excellent Grip

Crafted with a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) outsole, the AllTraction V2 offers excellent traction and durability while being lighter than traditional rubber. This ensures a stable stride on various terrains, reducing knee stress further.


High Drop for Heel Strikers

For those experiencing heel pain or heavier runners, the high drop and bouncy react midsole provide high energy return, aligning your foot properly during the running cycle and promoting a more natural and efficient stride.


High-Performance Upper: Keeping You Dry and Protected

Combining robust PU material with a breathable mesh upper, the AllTraction V2 ensures your feet stay dry and protected, enhancing comfort and preventing issues that can affect your gait.


Overcome knee pain with the FitVille AllTraction V2. Step into a world of enhanced support and cushioning that will revolutionize your runs. Lace up and move forward with newfound comfort and assurance!