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Accessories to treat diabetic feet in addition to diabetic shoes

In addition to wearing proper footwear, there are some accessories that can help prevent foot problems for people with diabetes.


Diabetic socks : These socks are specially designed to reduce pressure on the feet, promote circulation, and help prevent foot injuries. They are typically made from materials that wick away moisture, which can help prevent fungal infections.


Insoles  : Shoe insoles can help distribute pressure evenly across the feet, reducing the risk of developing blisters and ulcers.


Compression socks : Compression socks can help improve blood circulation in the legs and feet, reducing the risk of swelling. They can also help prevent diabetic ulcers and other foot complications.


Foot cream: Moisturizing creams can help prevent skin cracks, which can increase the risk of infection. Be sure to avoid applying cream between the toes as this may cause fungal infections.


Toe protectors : Toe protectors can be used to cushion and protect the toes to prevent blisters and calluses.


It's important to talk to a healthcare professional or podiatrist before using any new accessories or products, especially if you have any pre-existing foot problems or medical conditions.