FitVille Women's X-cushion Ankle Brace



    Help improve blood circulation, protect your ankle, minimize the risk of injury and relieve plantar fasciitis and other discomforts related to your feet. Very suitable for chronic and acute ankle injuries and their symptoms. Help relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis and provide long-lasting comfort.
    Ankle support fitted with crisscross reinforcement straps to offer strong support and stabilization for the ankle tendons and joints. The hook and loop strap design allows you to freely adjust the pressure and is designed to minimize the risk of injury, especially during the strenuous activities.
    Our ankle support brace is suitable for all kinds of activities requiring ankle movement including basketball, running, soccer, tennis, hiking, badminton, cycling, climbing and training. It also provides support for weak or injured ankles, prevents ankle strain, sprain and re-injury.


    With Velcro closure, your ankles remain securely fastened with just the right amount of compression that is perfect for you. Helps improve circulation and is both easy to put on and take off.
    Our ankle brace is made of soft and breathable SBR, Nylon and Polyester materials. It retains heat and prevents skin irritation. The interlayer with crisscross design allows oxygen circulation to keep your feet dry and cool.
    FitVille Ankle Brace uses dry and breathable fabrics to ensure that your feet remain dry, comfortable and odor-free, no matter how you use it.


  • Width:M/L/XL
  • Color: Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Blue
  • Materials:Breathable and ultra-thin SBR, Nylon and Polyester
  • Use:Sports, Workout, Arthritis Relief, etc.

Size Guide

Size Women Men
M 7-9 5-7
L 10-12 8-10

Shipping Time:

  • Processing Time: 1-2 Working Days.
  • Estimated Arrival: 8-14 Working Days.

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Let Everyone Enjoy Sports

Enhanced with Comfort Innovations
FitVille Patented PropelCoreTM Sole

Patented Sole for Maximum Comfort
FitVille’s patented technology is ergonomically designed to ease foot discomfort. The shoes have an elastic front sole and a solid back sole that together smooth movements with strong support. Our shock absorption pads ease your bounce and the solid heel ring makes your steps steady.

Wide Toe Box for Pain Relief
FitVille is well known for having an extra wide toe box. Combined with a heel-to-toe drop between 2-3 mm, FitVille shoes are designed to fit your feet well and provide maximum comfort. The shoes include enough room for free movement of the toes and are known to relieve foot pain related to plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, heel pain, flat feet, neuropathy, knee pain, and other kinds of foot issues.

Ultimate Sole for Arch Support
Imagine a shoe with firm support will give you the long-term comfort you want, one in which your feet will never feel tired! FitVille’s ergonomically designed insoles keep your arches and heel from harm and help you achieve a better body alignment. The arch support will effectively ease your foot pain and make walking and standing much more comfortable.

FitVille shoes are made to love your feet. We have helped 300,000+ love theirs. Choose FitVille, Choose Comfort.

FitVille Patented PropelCoreTM Sole
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Fitting Rating:
    Comfort Rating:
    True to Size:

    This ankle brace has wonderful support and can be easily adjusted to your foot! It can be easily worn in your shoe, with or without socks. It was just what I was looking for and also worked perfectly in my Ugg boots this winter!!

    Moesha Stark
    Fitting Rating:
    Comfort Rating:
    True to Size:
    so comfortable

    This ankle brace is so comfortable. Finally, an ankle brace that is both comfortable and easy to put on. I have plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis and this night splint helped to relieve my pain

    Boyd Huff
    Fitting Rating:
    Comfort Rating:
    True to Size:
    Very comfortable

    Had severe Ankle Tendinitis. Got it from simply riding my bike! ( I'm 53). Tried soaking, rest, elevation, and anti-inflammatory. Keeping this wrap on for many days did the trick. Will wear it when cycling.

    Fitting Rating:
    Comfort Rating:
    True to Size:
    it’s worth buying

    I sprained my ankle significantly and because my lifestyle requires me to be on it I didn’t want to rely on using a standard wrap method. I bought this to try and I have a long but narrow foot. I was worried it might be too big but it isn’t. It feels comfortable enough no itching and provides stability with some compression. If you have weak ankles or have had an injury it’s worth buying. I think it helped my ankle heal more quickly than without.

    Fitting Rating:
    Comfort Rating:
    True to Size:

    Very helpful for supporting plantar fasciitis.