FitVille Foot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis Pack of 2

  • Foot Pain Relief

    Designed to alleviate foot pain by massage point stimulation. Effective in foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs etc.

  • Blood circulation

    Boosts blood circulation to relieve knotted muscles and tension for foot relaxation.

  • Versatile

    Versatile enough to be used on all parts of the body including feet, back, neck, legs, hands, arms, buttocks, hamstrings, thighs, chest etc.


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Enhanced with Comfort Innovations
FitVille Patented PropelCoreTM Sole

Patented Sole for Maximum Comfort
FitVille’s patented technology is ergonomically designed to ease foot discomfort. The shoes have an elastic front sole and a solid back sole that together smooth movements with strong support. Our shock absorption pads ease your bounce and the solid heel ring makes your steps steady.

Wide Toe Box for Pain Relief
FitVille is well known for having an extra wide toe box. Combined with a heel-to-toe drop between 2-3 mm, FitVille shoes are designed to fit your feet well and provide maximum comfort. The shoes include enough room for free movement of the toes and are known to relieve foot pain related to plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, heel pain, flat feet, neuropathy, knee pain, and other kinds of foot issues.

Ultimate Sole for Arch Support
Imagine a shoe with firm support will give you the long-term comfort you want, one in which your feet will never feel tired! FitVille’s ergonomically designed insoles keep your arches and heel from harm and help you achieve a better body alignment. The arch support will effectively ease your foot pain and make walking and standing much more comfortable.

FitVille shoes are made to love your feet. We have helped 300,000+ love theirs. Choose FitVille, Choose Comfort.

FitVille Patented PropelCoreTM Sole
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Relief for foot pain

    I walk about 3-5 miles per day and was starting to get pain in the bottom of my feet, likely plantar fasciitis. I bought this little tool after reading multiple reviews. I use it whenever my feet feel a little sore after walking and it was helped out immensely! One of the best purchases I've had in a long time.

    It really works

    Used it for a week as instructed an it cured my pain an fixed my problem

    Maggie Whitney
    Works well!

    I found this really helpful to use before and after running when I was dealing with foot pain. It has pretty much resolved now. I actually purchased one for a relative who was dealing with plantar fasciitis, and he said it helped. It is a little larger than some other rollers, but sturdy, and the nubs on it are not sharp or painful, which I experienced with some other rollers. I’d recommend this to anyone needing a roller for foot pain.