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Very good shoe and comfortable

I purchased the shoes 2 months ago and they have performed excellent I'm very happy with them.

Good Product for Elbow Pain

Good product. It pinches a bit at the top of my arm and tends to fold on the lip if I am using my arm in a normal range of motion (say buttoning up my dress shirt), but I just fold it back down and I'm fine. I have been wearing it a couple weeks to alleviate the pain from tendinitis in my elbow that I have been dealing with for over a year now. This has almost totally eliminated the pain. There is still a little bit left so I will continue to wear. But follow the basic guidelines of wearing no more than 8 hours a day and never over night and you should be fine.
Their Customer Service is spectacular. Fast and complete. They took care of a problem I had with a seam tearing on one of my sleeves by immediately sending me a new sleeve no questions asked and without me having to send back the old sleeve. Very cool.
Highly recommended.

Excellent sox for circulation & compression

Excellent compression socks. I've wore them several times to work & afterwards no noted swelling, pain or discomfort in lower extremities after being on my feet for >12hrs. My feet nor my legs felt tired & sox didn't roll down my legs either. Affordable, comfortable & great fit, so I had to purchase another pair.

ProCare ProWedge Night Splint

I’ve been having pain in the bottom of my heel for several months (Plantar Fasciitis). Although using my feet to roll a ball around on the floor, & even using ice packs has helped somewhat, this night splint has been just what I needed. The pain has been severely reduced when wearing it to bed — although it is a bit difficult to get used to at first, and when sitting for an extended time. This was recommended to me by my sister-in-law & I now recommend it as well. The only thing that I would change is that I bought a large boot — & now I wish that I had gotten the medium instead. However, this boot has helped me greatly.

Well made and comfortable

These socks are thick on the sole and hug the arch perfectly without being too tight. If your foot is a normal width they will feel great. The fabric inside is soft and I have not found loose stitches or pulls in the fabric. They wash well and did not shrink.

Nice 6 packs

Super comfortable and a nice fit, they have a soft interior on the bottom half for extra cushioning while still letting my feet breathe. I'm very happy with these and am definitely going to get a few more sets.

Love These Socks!

Normally I wouldn't write a review about socks, but these are so nice and come with the fitville shoes! They are so soft and slide onto the foot with such ease. And, let's not forget the great value!! I haven't had them long enough to know how well they will hold up, but so far they are great!!

Can't go wrong with these socks!

They are super soft with a fair amount of cushion. They fit perfectly on my size 10 foot but are very stretchy so they would fit almost any size. After 2 months of wearing they show no signs wear. I'll definitely be buying more of these.

14,000 steps a day for 5 months

I haul trash for money at night. These are the only shoes I have and I wear them all day. This is the second time I have bought these shoes. In short, they work. I can do 14,000 steps a day while hauling weight going up over 100 flights of stairs 5 days a week and they will last for 5 months or more. If I was not overweight, they might even last 9 months or more. If I took care of them better and lost weight they may even last a year. So far, they are certainly worth what I am paying for, thanks fitville!

Effective Solution for Hammer Toe

I'm an elderly with a hammer toe that began giving me serious problems about 5 months ago. These shoes are the only thing that has worked. I can walk to the grocery store and back now, like I used to. I can run on the treadmill at the gym. I've waited three weeks to write this review, because problems with new shoes often don't show up the first time you wear them.

Awesome shoe

This by far is my favorite shoe of all time! I work on concrete floors and these shoes stand up better than any other that I have tried. Every part of the shoe seems to hold up fine and I know which shoe to get from now on out. Five stars in value, durability, comfortability and efficacy.

Your toes will Thank You!

These are great sneakers. FitVille is tops in my book when it comes to comfort. Their wide sizes are perfect for me and they feel great on my foot as I run on the treadmill or outdoors.

Great shoe great fit

Can be beat for the price and they fit perfectly. Well built and provide great support. Tried cheap knockoffs and got back pains. Changed to these and within a week pains are gone. Buying another asap.

For the Dad that likes to GET AFTER IT, in style! 🤘🏼

Wonder what it was like to have THE most comfortable sneakers?! Well the FitVille are it! I've been wearing this for over two weeks and they are awesome!

Great for General wear

Fit and look exactly as hoped!. I've had orthopedic issues so I looked out for sneakers that fit, one reviewer said these appear fine for "casual day at the office." 'Casual day' defines my retired life. These are exactly as described and fit the same as previous pairs. I'm going to order another pair in another color as my grey ones are showing signs of age and have been demoted to use at the gym, love these!

Highly Recommended

I bought theses shoes thinking they would be too big but they are perfect. Very comfortable and I would highly recommend these shoes if you are on a low budget.

Stylish and supportive

Have a hard time finding shoes that fit properly and these are perfect. Had to order them on line because the stores didn’t have my size in stock.

Nice buy

I wear a size 15 and was in need of black sneakers. I was happy with the delivery and how great these sneakers fit.

I already own a black pair

I liked the style and color. Very comfortable. This time I got Sandy-Grey, it's just a totally different feel. If I had to compare, I'd go with black, which is my color :D

Very comfortable

Slightly longer in toe than I expected but still fits well. They are very comfortable. The cushioning is fantastic.

Nice style, decent price

Great shoes so far very comfortable. I like the black color, seem to be pure, and I think it is great for the people in the 40s :)

Great Shoe!

They are very stylish and extremely comfortable, a good choice!

Nice looking and seems to be functioning

So this shoe is well crafted, looks sharp, and is supportive for heels. Will see if it lasts as described.

Buy the next size up

This is my second pair. This is the ONLY shoe I've ever bought twice. I definitely recommend. Great comfort shoe. I love the all blue leather, it seems elegant. Makes it easy to clean and hides dirt well.

Great for foot care group

Highly comfortable, supportive and well built. I am slightly flat footed with little to no arch. I also am highly selective to what I wear for work (hospital) and these are wonderful. I am definitely buying more.