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Diabetes can cause a number of foot problems and complications like poor blood circulation. This can lead to foot problems such as neuropathy and infections. Diabetic shoes are specially designed to reduce the risk of foot injuries and help prevent further damage. Here are some tips to help you choose the right diabetic shoes.


Wide and deep toe box

Picking shoes with a wide and deep toe box like FitVille Men's EasyTop Diabetic Shoes will help prevent friction and extra pressure on the feet, which can lead to blisters and other related foot problems.


Breathable materials

Look for diabetic shoes made from breathable materials like FitVille Men's BriskWalk Recovery Slip-On Shoes that allow air to circulate around the foot, helping to reduce the risk of fungal infections and other foot issues.


Sturdy outsole

Shoes with a sturdy outsole can help reduce pressure on both the heel and forefoot, making it easier to walk and reducing foot injuries.


Choose shoes with adjustable closures

Shoes with adjustable velcro closures like FitVille Men's EasyTop Wings V2, can help you get a comfortable and customized fit, especially for complications such as swollen feet. Also, with the opened upper design, you can put on the shoe without friction between the shoe and your feet.