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Finding the right pair of shoes is a challenge for those with wide feet, fallen arches, or other foot conditions. FitVille has recognized the need for specialized shoes to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes.


We believe that everyone should have access to comfortable and supportive shoes that fit them properly. That’s why we offer a range of special width shoes for both men and women. Our shoes come in a range of widths and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your unique foot shape.


What are special width shoes?

Special width shoes are designed to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes beyond the typical “regular” width. They come in a wide range of widths, from wide to extra wide and even wider, to ensure a comfortable fit for people with different foot conditions. Shoes like FitVille Rebound Core offer width from wide 2e to xx wide 6e to choose from.


Who needs special width shoes?

Wide feet

For those with wide feet often find it difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably without causing pain or rubbing.



Bunion refers to a painful bump on the side of the foot, may need shoes with a wider toe box to prevent further irritation and discomfort.


Plantar fasciitis

People with plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes heel pain, may require shoes with additional cushioning and support to relief pain.



People with diabetes need shoes that fit well and don’t rub the feet, as they are at higher risk for foot injuries, cuts and infections.


What are the benefits of special width shoes?

By providing a proper fit, they can help relief foot pain, prevent blisters, calluses, and improve overall foot health. They also offer greater support and stability, which can improve body balance and reduce the risk of slips and falls. Also, it can improve your overall posture and body alignment, which can alleviate pain in other parts of the body.


Choosing the right special width shoes

  • Width

Make sure you measure your feet to determine the correct width before making a purchase.

  • Support

Look for shoes with adequate arch support and cushioning to provide maximum comfort.

  • Style

Special width shoes come in a variety of styles you can find a pair that suits your needs and preferences from FitVille.


At FitVille, we offer a wide variety of special width shoes for both men and women. Our shoes are designed to provide the perfect fit for every foot, so you can enjoy optimal comfort and support with every step. Shop our selection today and find the perfect pair of shoes to fit your unique needs!