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When it comes to tennis and pickleball, the shoes you put on are equal as important as your racket or paddle. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to discomfort, injury, and affecting your performance. Here's what to look for when choosing wide shoes for tennis and pickleball.


Look for tennis-specific shoes

Tennis shoes like FitVille Womens Amadeus Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes are designed for the quick lateral movements and sudden stops and starts required in tennis and pickleball game. Also, they provide amazing traction and durability for long rallies.


Check the outsole

Look for shoes with a rubber sole that offers good traction on the court's surface. The sole should also provide enough cushioning and support for your feet.


Consider the fit

Look for shoes with a wide toe box and a secure fit. Make sure there is enough space for toes to wiggle, but not so much that your foot slides around inside the shoe as this might cause injuries.


Lightweight options

Lightweight tennis and pickleball shoes can improve your speed and agility on the court. Look for shoes made with lightweight materials that won't drag you back.


Try them on

Always try the tennis shoes on before buying them. Walk around in them and practice some tennis or pickleball movements to ensure they fit comfortably.